You are here in this body because you chose to be here

Over the past few years, Law of Attraction has witnessed a fair share of discussion. While lots of individuals claim this theory has led to life transforming results, others are still unaware about the principle.

Despite the ignorance, the Law of Attraction continues to inspire and fascinate spiritual seekers all across the globe. So what is LOA all about? Here’s your ultimate guide on the concept.

So, how does Law of attraction work? It actually manifests via your thoughts. This therapy does not promote injustice. Rather it helps to amplify the vibration that is within you.

You should remember that it amplifies the vibration that is within you. You should be able to dream it and let it happen. LOA makes it happen when you maintain a vibrational harmony with it. If you are positive about it, the Universe finds a way to bring it on.

Every person is affected by the Law of attraction but everyone doesn’t realize its presence. So how do the experienced law of attraction teachers in Kolkata explain it? If you are thinking about something happening right now, or something from the past or it may be a thing you would like to happen in the future, Law of attraction is actually responding to your present-thought vibration. Always keep in mind that you are the extension of non-physical energy.