Hi Ma’am,

I was suffering from sleeping order and depression due to a break up. I was really very much frustrated as nothing was going right in my life. Every time the idea of ending this life was coming to my mind and I lost all hopes.

Then one of my friends told me about you. Ms. Arpita ma’am. He asked me to consult her for recovery from depression.

Then, I consulted you reluctantly. Your warm gesture and pleasant personally impressed me.

You listened my problems empathetically with patience. You also counseled me for 2 months continuously. Whenever I was getting nostalgic or suicidal, I used to call you and you advised me.

Ultimately, your caring and compassionate way of dealing with patients yielded good results and now after two months I am completely fine and back to normal life.

I am really grateful to such soul who helped me to overcome the problem and saved a life from ending itself. You literally gave me a new life.

Thank you Ma’am for this new life.

P. Aggarwal

Arpita maam treats her patients with care and warmth. She is an excellent teacher of law of attraction coupled with psychological practices; that makes her counselling so effective, if one can follow properly.Her easygoing and friendly nature makes it easier for people to open up to her with utmost confidence.

Swastika Sarkar

I feel like Arpita is extremely picky about what she does, and it’s a very good thing, she knows the importance of good feelings and put the energy work first before anything else.
She has a very deep knowledge of the Abraham’s teachings, which is a must for people who love and follow Abraham Hicks too. She’s constantly checking on you and your mood, isn’t that wonderful? So you have this guidance throughout the day feeling like you are giving all you have to the energy work and it’s a very satisfying experience.
And lastly, she’s lighthearted, wise and smart, you feel like you’re talking to a very wise best friend, personally for me, I was into difficult and “easy to be judged” life situations and not a single time she made feel uncomfortable about it, not once, instead she soothed what I thought was so hard to soothe, reminding me the importance of self love in any case, never judging myself, simply loving, loving, loving.
You’ll get a lot of love and support from Arpita you feel like you don’t know where to start at the beginning of the emotional journey, she’s a great choice!

Barbara, BOLOGNA