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Welcome to my page. Thank you for showing up. I am a vibrational snob, a happiness freak, a leading edge human who empower people to know their own power,using the tools and techniques of psychology and law of attraction. I work as a professional Law of attraction Coach and psychologist. It’s been my mission to empower all of you about your forgotten power. Just like I have been able to find out the magical mantra to live a “happily ever after ” life!

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Your goals are stepping stones towards your dreams. Your energy flows where your mind goes. You inspiration to fulfill all purposes of life.


Transform your life with the right kind of guidance. Here’s your way to live a fulfilling, purposeful and passionate life.

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Just like learning has no limit, the same goes with self-development. You should focus on constant self-improvement to become a better version of yourself.

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A life coaching institute certainly aims to motivate you, offers emotional support and helps to make you confident. Life program supports you in moving your life forward with a revamped approach.

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Message from Source:

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Today is a gift from Source To You The Universe is within you, and by its very nature it is [...]

Here’s how Arpita Sengupta pays her tribute to Abraham Hicks

“As per the theory of Law of Attraction, self love and appreciation are two most important tools that you could ever nurture. Arpita strongly believes that Jerry Hicks and Esther Hicks are the reasons she took this fascinating journey of deliberate creation and self discovery.

The teachings of Abraham have made the great mysteries of her life easy to understand. Before her great discovery of Abraham, she read heaps of spiritual books and attended lots of energy workshops, spiritual teachings, and healing seminars. Nothing really worked the way LOA has worked.

Arpita spent years looking for someone who can explain the ‘power to create’. When Abraham came into her life it was like hearing her thoughts for the first time outside of her head. Hence, she recommends Abraham’s powerful words to those seeking to understand the play of life and death.”

Client Reviews

Hi Ma’am,

I was suffering from sleeping order and depression due to a break up. I was really very much frustrated as nothing was going right in my life. Every time the idea of ending this life was coming to my mind and I lost all hopes.

Then one of my friends told me about you. Ms. Arpita ma’am. He asked me to consult her for recovery from depression.

Then, I consulted you reluctantly. Your warm gesture and pleasant personally impressed me.

You listened my problems empathetically with patience. You also counseled me for 2 months continuously. Whenever I was getting nostalgic or suicidal, I used to call you and you advised me.

Ultimately, your caring and compassionate way of dealing with patients yielded good results and now after two months I am completely fine and back to normal life.

I am really grateful to such soul who helped me to overcome the problem and saved a life from ending itself. You literally gave me a new life.

Thank you Ma’am for this new life.

P. Aggarwal

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