“You decide what your life will be – by what you give out.”-

How about creating a perfect day in advance? How about making the most of your positive mindset? Yes, you read that right. You can actually control how your day goes without waiting for whatever your fate feeds you with.

Have you ever heard about Law of Attraction? It teaches you that within you lies an enormous power. It exists in every breath you take. All you need to do is to let the power create positive vibes around you. Once you master the art of channelizing the good force in your favor, you can easily chalk out a perfect day in advance.

What Does A Perfect Day Look Like?

How can you use the positive energy that remains within you? All it takes is deciding what you want from your day and allowing it to be. Learning the law of attraction actually helps you to navigate your path smoothly.


Here’s How You Can Do It:

  • Chalk out your plans for the day.
  • Decide how you’d like to get everything done.
  • Decide how you want to feel throughout the day for everything you do.

How do you want your work presentation to go? Filled with applause? Standing ovation?

How do you want to feel during you day? Excited? Happy? Fully being alive in every moment?

It all depends on YOU.

Decide that your Monday will be easy, pleasant yet productive.

Decide that your business trip will be successful.

Decide that your relationship will be harmonious, loving and peaceful.

That’s basically how it works.

Create Your Perfect Day Every Morning:

Does law of attraction work? Start to shape your day right when you open your eyes in the morning. Plan your day in advance while you are still in your bed. Decide how you want your day to come forward and imagine that it already exists.

If you want a new job offer, feel the relief and joy of getting the opportunity as if you already got that.

If you want to buy a new house, feel what you’d feel after you made the purchase.

Every feeling you experience, every thought you have is creating your day in advance. However, some things might not go the way you want them to.

It’s fine because controlling everything that happens is not possible but you can easily control your reaction.

Learning to manifest from the heart certainly takes quite a time. At first, you have to start the practice of thinking positive.